Saturday, September 29, 2007


Last night, I went to a high school football game in Clayton, NM. Tonight, I did my laundry in El Reno, OK. I'm staying in a crappy motel that feels like heaven due to cable and a bathroom. Ah, the HUGE things. (I "camped" (slept in the van/camper) for the prior three nights.)

The driving today was rough due to high winds. The van does not like mountain passes, but the consequence of driving over them is going slowly. The gusty winds of 20-30 mph mean being blown all over the road and tense shoulders from hanging tightly to the wheel.

Because of van-enforced slowness, I did a lot of my driving today off the freeway. It's much preferred, but the wind, oy, the wind!

I've done no updating thus far due to much less internet than expected. Also, I needed a couple of days to decompress from Mom. And, when with Mom (first three days of the trip), I couldn't write because she'd feel ignored. I finally wrote some notes yesterday and I'll have a longer story to tell when I get back. With pictures even! I'm spending 5-6 hours on the road a day, which isn't much, but the van is tough riding. It vibrates tremendously and is more tiring than driving a "regular" car.

Today, for example, I only made just over 300 miles, but I was on the road from 8am to 5pm. I took an hour for lunch and also made two gas stops, one stop for ice and another 30 minute stop when I ran into a little street festival along my back road route.

Sometimes, it was so scary, that I just had to stop and rest for a bit. Tomorrow, I'll get out of Oklahoma and into Arkansas. Once the plains are done, hopefully the winds will die down.

Obviously, there is no dating to write about, but you might be interested to hear that the Spanish Lessons guy has been in touch, regularly. He sent me several emails while I was in Seattle and actually called the night before I left. Due to Mom and fasting, I didn't call him back. But just last night, he called again, and we had a nice chat. I told him I was going to the high school football game and he wasn't quite sure what to make of that. Well, neither did I, but it seemed like the thing to do.

He asked me if I was lonely. That's an interesting question. I told him that, what with mountain passes, thunderstorms and high winds, I was totally focused on the job of keeping the van on the road. Loneliness didn't enter the picture. I did notice, though, when I had occasion to talk to people, I had a LOT to say. That's normal for me, but I am chattier than usual--because, even thought I'm not thinking about it, I miss talking to people.

When we said goodbye, he told me to be careful several times. I think he's sweet and not a player. Quirky, yes, and possibly not for me, but who knows?

Anyway, that's as close to dating as it gets these days. I'll have some pics up eventually, but I'm too tired to deal with that now. At this rate, I'll be on the road for four more days. I'm looking forward to home! But I will enjoy the rest of the drive if the conditions improve.

Grateful for: the road.

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