Friday, September 14, 2007

I am awesome

I still haven't called the Spanish lessons guy but I'm going to, tonight. For real. I am. Really. Why is this so hard?

It's a damn good thing I stayed home yesterday because I haven't a minute to spare today on packing/cleaning/organizing. I'm going to Pele's right after work and who knows how late I'll be up. Well, probably not too late because I have soccer on Saturday morning. Then a van is coming to take me to the airport at 5pm (for an 8pm flight--so stupid!). Right, let's review: 11am soccer game, 30 minute drive from my house. I'll leave by 10:15 and be home by 1:30pm. That gives me 3.5 hours to shower, dress, do any last minute cleaning and pack. Good plan! I'll probably wake up early on Saturday and do most of the packing then. I foresee no packing tonight. See, I am awesome!

I got an email from JenA saying I should photograph my packing process. Is that actually of interest to anyone? If I get the pics off my currently full memory card before I start the packing process, I will do it. I could also do the camera phone-straight-to-blog thing (which is awesome and super easy, but the camera phone doesn't have much memory either...), but boy those pics are ugly.

Anyway. This is the story. I leave Saturday evening for ten fun-filled days of Mom. Mom has called me every day this week. And emailed. Seriously. She called me at 1:30 this afternoon to tell me I don't need to bring a towel.* Yeesh. I've been a little worried about the many solo driving days I have planned (not the being lonely part so much as the falling asleep behind the wheel part), but, y'know, I'm starting to think that after staying in Mom's no-room studio (it's large but has no separate rooms) for seven days and then being on the road with her for three, my week of solo driving is going to feel like a little slice of heaven. Awesome!

I'll be writing from the road [insert the usual caveats about internet access, scheduling unknowns, etc. here], so don't be a stranger.

*Not actually true. I asked about the towel. She called to tell me that a certain repair she wants done on the van is going to cost less than $100. Good to know, since I'm paying.

Grateful for: travel.

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