Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Well rested

Yesterday, I was so zonked that I could barely stay awake until quittin' time. Since I got to work uncharacteristically early (8:10am!), I could have left at 4:40pm, but I stuck around until 5 doing nothing productive. I'm tempted to say I did nothing but that's not true. I cleared out my email box (80 new messages!), made some calls, changed my voice mail…oh, whoops, still need to do that…,worried about travel arrangements, printed out things I need to read, and generally got things ready for today.

After work, it took an hour to get home when it should take no more than 30 minutes. I don't understand that. True, I stopped to pick up some food along the way, but how could that have taken 30 minutes? I suspect that my slower than normal walking times contributed to the late arrival.

When I got home, I ate right away, fed the cat and looked at the tv. But all I wanted to do was sleep. At 8pm, that's what I did. I read in bed for about half an hour and then I fell asleep. This was against all of my recovery from jet lag principles, which say to force yourself into a regular schedule and stick to it. Even though I woke up at 1:30am (and fell back asleep until 5:30), I feel much better today than yesterday. That fuzzy, lead-foot feeling is almost gone. All I needed was a very long (drug-free) night's sleep.

Tonight is my first (sigh) kickball game of the season. Hopefully that will tire me out sufficiently for another long rest. I will most likely skip the post-play drinking (shudder). Instead, work-friend, Nina and I may go for a drink before the game. After all, I arrived at 8:15 (!) this morning and the game isn't until 7:15, 2.5 hours after quittin' time. What else is there to do in all that time, work? I think not.

It's good to be home but I still feel disconnected from my life here. Maybe it's because before I get a chance to settle back in, I'm off to New York on Friday for four days of professional conference. I'm looking forward to it but the timing isn't perfect. Work is paying this year, my friend, JenA, is bunking with me and it’s in New York, which is about as good as it gets. Heck, I'll even be in the same time-zone— what more could I want?

Grateful for: good sleep.

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