Thursday, August 23, 2007

Texting is the new black

How about some more boy stories? It's been too long, really.

First, it turns out that Sailor doesn’t have a girlfriend. (Sailor is a guy from work on whom I harbor a smaller and smaller crush. And he's on my kickball team.) Or, if he does, it's a secret girlfriend. I know this because work-friend, Nina, said she thought he might be gay (she's the one I thought I heard him tell about his girlfriend--boy did I do a poor job of eavesdropping). Gay, huh? I never considered that--and I don't get that vibe from him. Nina's evidence is that Sailor spends a lot of time with another guy from work (they work in the same office). I don't think that means anything--I spend a lot of time with work-friend, Nancy, and it doesn't make me a lesbian. I used to spend a lot of time with Diego at work, and people thought we were a couple--but we weren't--because Diego is gay!

I said, "No gay man in his right mind would join a kickball league as a social outlet!" Nina wasn't convinced. I ran the idea by Diego (with no context) and he wasn't convinced either. I don't think Sailor is gay, but it sure would explain a lot. Either way, he's still not interested. I was pleased to learn that Nina is as mystified by this guy as I am, though.

Next up, is a guy from facebook. The other day some crazy Republican guy emailed me and we've been flirting virtually ever since. Just a little pleasant banter back and forth. It's fun and makes it easy to ignore that unpleasantness called "work."

For the last two days, I've been in training. Today, I decided to pay attention, so I didn't email him. When I got home, we had a short exchange and it ended with this invitation, "i gotta go. if ya wanna text me or something (should you be very bored) hit me up at xxx-xxx-xxxx."

Wow, how the times have changed. I was tempted to text him, but I didn't…yet.

Grateful for: distractions.

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