Tuesday, July 31, 2007

On the move

  • Early rising at the Kibbutz.
  • Breakfast with Spesh's Mom. She made coffee poorly. I drank it gratefully.
  • Train to Tel Aviv. I got a second coffee at the station.
  • Met by car. Drop off driver.
  • Drive from Tel Aviv towards Jerusalem to activist summer camp.
  • Spesh gives spiel, in Hebrew. I sit some distance away and read. Later, I nap.
  • Drive to the university. Sit in Spesh's office and wait for students who don't arrive.
  • Notice the sign for the tiny crowded office reads, "Post Doc Room." I point this out to Spesh. He says, "They won't dare call it an 'office'."
  • Lunch. Schnitzel for me, veggies for Spesh.
  • Snap at Spesh for being on the phone all the fucking time. "If you don't have time for me, set me free. I'm with you but you're not here. And I can't even tell what you're talking about." (98% of his phone conversations are in Hebrew.)
  • He apologizes and says it's out of his control.
  • I say, "There's a lot of things I could say…but, I just don't enjoy it."
  • He says, "I can understand that."
  • Things are actually better after that.
  • We drop off the car. Take a taxi home.
  • I'm hot and exhausted. Spesh uses the computer. I start to read then fall semi-asleep.
  • I tell Spesh, "I want to take a shower."
  • "You know, we have a water shortage, this isn't Canada!"
  • I stare, silent.
  • "Why are you asking to take a shower, like you need permission?"
  • "I'm asking because I need a towel! That's the polite way to ask!"
  • "Ok, fine, I'll get you a towel!"
  • And he did. I took a shower and felt much better.
  • I did some writing, he did some calling.
  • We were invited to dinner at Gal's. The call came at 6pm, we left around 7:45 and walked about half an hour to her place.
  • I was coated in sweat when we arrived. Other than that, I didn't mind the walk.
  • Dinner was good--another vegetarian special.
  • She had a friend staying there who I mistook for her boyfriend.
  • I had quite a pleasant conversation with him.
  • Wonder what he thought of Spesh and me.
  • Spesh practically fell asleep after dinner.
  • I tell him, "We're taking a taxi home." He didn't argue.
  • We got home and went to sleep right away.
  • I still woke up earlier than necessary. What can you do?
Grateful for: good friends.

Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport: 8/2/2007

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