Friday, August 31, 2007

A modest proposal

Last night, I went to a happy hour at the bar where Kansas hangs out. No problem, he wasn't even there. However, on my way out, I was waylaid by Kansas's buddy, Jay. I like Jay and he asked me if I was in a rush and could he buy me a beer. When he stood up to give me his seat, I couldn't refuse and I stayed for one beer.

Kansas showed up right after I'd finished my beer and was ready to go. It was a little awkward but nowhere near as gut-wrenching as it wouldn't have been if he hadn't shown up on my doorstep the other week. I felt a little bad about leaving just minutes after he arrived but that was my plan and I stuck with it.

What I really want to tell you about, though, is this great (or stupid?) idea I had while I was talking to Jay. I said something about voting and how I didn't get a vote anyway (something us DC residents like to get righteously-- and appropriately! --indignant about) and then I said, "You know what I think? We DC residents should get to vote for two senators--any two senators we like. Just pick any two and vote!"

Jay said, "Let me get this straight, you're saying,'re saying, go to the polls and just get a list and vote for any two?"

"Yeah, that's it. Just pick any two. At least we'd get to vote for someone."

"I like it! That's a great idea! And you wouldn't have to change anything..."

"I don't know if it's such a great idea but it wouldn't be too hard to implement..."

We discussed some of the issues this would raise. I posited that someone would have to get the DC voters organized so our votes would be meaningful. Also, it seemed that it would be our interest to vote for candidates from less populous states (Wyoming, here we come!) where we could truly change the balance of the election.

Jay said that it would be hard for a senator from a far away state to balance their interests with those of DC. I said that senators have to balance the interests of rural, urban and suburban populations all the time (WA State, NY State, just to name two) and this wouldn't be different. I might have convinced him.

I thought it was hilarious and Jay thought it was brilliant. Not bad work for a Thursday night.

Grateful for: ideas.

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