Friday, August 17, 2007

Feed me

I spent the day doing very important work stuff but it's, um, secret so I can't talk about it.

What I can talk about is all the mucking around I did on the blog's feed. If you notice random posts showing up in bloglines (if that's how you read), that's what it was about. The end result of the mucking was to consolidate a couple of feeds and move some buttons around. To the left of this post, you now have two options for reading the blog without visiting this site.

The first is "feedburner." Click on the orange button and you have the choice of subscribing to the blog via a couple of different readers/aggregators/thingys. Even if you are already reading this way, consider unsubscribing and resubscribing. If you do, then everyone will be using the same feed and I'll better be able to keep track of the readership. Why do I want to track the readership? I dunno. It's fun?

The second way to read the blog is to have it emailed to you. To do that, click on the orange box that says "4 email readers." You'll be redirected to a subscription form. It's harder for me to track you this way, but that's ok. You have to give an email address (duh) but you can be anonymous to me (I think—of the four current subscribers, one is anonymous).

Enough blog stuff. Here's something really interesting—I have this great summer dress and I cannot figure out when to wear it. Why not? It's full (floor) length but casual. It's sleeveless, tank-style made from a light cotton with a floral pattern. It's pretty and flattering, but when is it appropriate to wear such a long dress? Guys, does this kind of thing make any impression on you at all? Gals, am I crazy?

What else…so I have a facebook account under my real name. My friend, Alicia, is now a member and has invited me to "catbook." Catbook! It's like facebook for cats. I'm highly amused and highly resistant to creating a page for Miss Tabitha.

(Oh, also, Alicia, remember that burger place we went to in NY years ago? I stayed right near it this past weekend and I tried to find it. I did find it—but only because I ended up in that hotel trying to go to a different restaurant. I did not eat there this time but I was tempted. (I'm talking about Burger at Le Parker Meridien.))

I know there was something else but now I can't remember. Hasta manana.

UPDATE: Now I remember. Five days in New York, one pair of shoes. Believe it or not!

Grateful for: the weekend.

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