Sunday, July 22, 2007

First leg

I'm surprised to find myself excited about this trip. I'm not stressed about the family stuff and I'm looking forward to seeing Spesh. I'm even looking forward to the flight--I have this crazy idea that the carrier, British Airways, has superior service. We'll see about that. It's still true that international flights have more amenities than no-frills domestic services. So, while I'm essentially dressed in my pjs, I'm looking forward to "continental" service (hmm…European service might be more accurate). I am wondering if they will feed us dinner, but I'm sure they will. I have a granola bar and an apple just in case. We better get at least one meal, or I'll be very hungry!

I waited to pack until Sunday. I didn't even lay out my clothes until noon. I made some coffee and an omelet and watched a movie. I was very relaxed. I slept later than usual due to Tabitha's absence. I took her to stay with DrJ on Saturday morning. While I missed Tabby and kept looking around for her it was good to have an undisturbed sleep. I stayed in all day and made sure the house was in order, garbage emptied, and watched tv. I also knit, did my shoulder exercises and took a shower.

TR offered to drive me to the airport, which was much appreciated. Getting to Dulles is such a drag. We hit a little traffic, but made the journey in less than an hour. Checking in and getting through security only took thirty minutes. Hopefully, the flight will leave on time too. I just have a little waiting to do. (I'm writing this in the airport.)

I told TR that fussing and complaining a bit works for me. I get it out of my system and then I can enjoy myself. I'm feeling like that might truly be the case for this trip. I'm ready to just roll along and enjoy whatever comes my way. People (Mom) have suggested I do certain things while I'm in Israel, but I don't want to go out of my way. I'm there for two reasons: family and Spesh. Touring takes a backseat. When I go for the next wedding, in a year or so, I promise that I'll do some other traveling in conjunction with this trip. Either go to Egypt and some of the surrounding Middle Eastern countries or spend a week in Europe (Paris? Warsaw? KJ, ready for our Eastern European tour next year?) on the way back.

Time to board. Later.

Grateful for: travel.

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