Thursday, June 21, 2007

Contest update

No time to write, since I'm working SO HARD. (Telling myself not to blog has produced several pages of potential blog material. Why am I so perverse?)

Thank you so much for all the good suggestions. I should also tell you, my general approach to this report is to read the whole thing through, once, in hard copy, making the easy changes and marking the places where I'll spend more time rewriting on the soft copy. This is my usual approach and it nets me good results. Better than doing the whole thing electronically, because I can carry it around. When I get to the electronic edit, things will go marginally faster.

What's worked so far from the suggestions:
Working in a coffee shop
Listening to music
Treats after reading a page

What I'm going to try:
The late suggestion of the circles and colored pencils. So fun! I'm not spending money on nice supplies though--we have a full set of colored pencils in our office, and now I have a use for them.

What I tried inadvertently that worked:
The metro. Maybe I should get on the train and go out to the end of the line and back. No real distractions, but enough people around so it's not lonely (one reason it's hard for me to work at home). For $1.35, it might just be worth it.

What I won't try:
Postponing all other work in favor of this project. This isn't my most important project, it's just the one most likely to fall through the cracks because it lacks a hard deadline. I have other tasks with real deadlines that I can't ignore.

Thanks again for the support. I'll have another request for practical advice in the queue because y'all are really good at this!

Grateful for: new ideas.

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