Friday, June 08, 2007


Given that this is a gratitude journal (sort of), I shouldn't spend time airing petty grievances. Oh well.

Annoyance #1
I think I've mentioned that my niece is getting married in Israel in July. I started searching today, in earnest, for a plane ticket. Lowest price I found? $1,450. I love my niece, but this is ridiculous. It's high season so that's why the prices is so exorbitant. I will still go, and since I'll have almost no expenses while I'm there (Dad is paying room and board--I assume, that's what happened last time) I can still afford it. But, $1,450?? Ouch.

Annoyance #2
We have a new guy starting on Monday and he's going to be my officemate (not annoying--minor inconvenience in that I can't use the office as a changing room anymore). He came in for lunch today at TR's behest so we could meet and "pre" orient him. He's a sweet guy and will probably be a good officemate. Four of us went to lunch: new guy, TR, Shelly and me. We were explaining a little to new guy about how the health insurance works. TR said, "Jamy has Kaiser, it's an HMO." I nodded. Before I could say anything else, Shelly jumped in and said, "I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I want the best care and I'll pay for it. But it's not that much more expensive." When she said this, I wanted to slap her. So rude, so condescending. Implying that the rest of us are cheap because we won't shell out for a PPO. TR also belongs to an HMO, though it's not Kaiser. I joined an HMO on principle, something that I wouldn't even try to explain to Shelly. It's also cheaper and geographically convenient. I generally get good care from them and I'm satisfied. Shelly has a smugness that annoys the hell out of me. It's why we don't socialize much. It's also why (I assume) she never invites me to the regular happy hours she organizes in the office. She's quite picky about who she invites. Ironically, the other invitees are equally good friends of mine and some of them aren't big Shelly fans either. But, I know, don't be annoyed at not getting invited to something you don't want to attend anyway. Except it's so fantastically rude to have an exclusive group thing in the office that's not even a secret. I almost admire the gall it takes to pull that off.

Whew--that's the end of the annoyances. I have one amusement to share.

Amusement #1

I told this guy I wouldn't write about him, but I can't resist sharing this story. He's anonymous so I think it's ok. I IM occasionally with a couple of guys who I met on the free (dating) site (none of whom I've met in person). Yesterday, one of those fellows buzzed me--one who I hadn't chatted with in months. In the course of our chat, I tell him a little story where I mention a friend's blog. I've never told him about my blog. He writes, "hold on." Then he sends a link to Grateful Dating. Um, whoops. He says, "Is this your blog?" Eventually I cop to it. Lies of commission are not my style. Apparently, he's been reading the blog on and off for over a year. He told me it was well written, which was nice to hear. In fact, it made me like him a little more than before. See, flattery will get you everywhere!

Good News
Last, I'm really looking forward to spending time with my Dutch friend, Piet this weekend. I have some good things planned. He's only here for two days, but I'm going to keep him busy.

Grateful for: flattery.

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