Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Current events

I keep meaning to write about the trial. I thought I'd want to write about it immediately, but, despite my love of the experience, I really needed not to think about it for awhile. Mission accomplished!

What else have I accomplished? I went to a happy hour on Friday and had a good time. Met some folks and talked their ears off, but no complaints on that (so far). On Saturday, I got to see the Mystics' opening game with Dr. J, thanks to Nancy, who gave me her tickets. (I don't think I've thanked her enough, actually.) The seats were great and we enjoyed marvelling at the 7'2" player on the other team. She couldn't move very well, but being that tall and moving at all gives your team an advantage. Their best player was a 5'5" guard, however. Represent! Sadly, the Mystics lost, but they were in it the whole game.

After the game, I was on my own so I went to see Spiderman 3. What can I say? It was pretty and I can't hate Kirsten Dunst, but what was with all the big boy crying? I'm for gender equality but the emotions didn't resonate for me--most women wouldn't cry in these circumstances. Also, the transformation of Peter Parker to a "bad dude" was about the most unconvincing in movie history, which is sad because movie transformations (librarian to hottie; wimp to badass; nerd to superhero) are the bread and butter of screen storytelling--meaning, it's just not that hard to do--and to see it flubbed so completely, well, that was disheartening. Maybe Tobey Maguire's round face is not suited to such a transformation, but there had to be better ways to handle it. All the reviews were right: beautiful effects, lousy storytelling, underused villains and a huge disappointment in comparison to the first two Spiderman movies.

Yesterday marked the first day of a week-long knitting moratorium. I have a ton of projects I'm working on but my shoulder is killing me. Knitting exacerbates it. A lot. I'm forcing myself to take a week off, but I'm not happy about it. I was dosing myself on appropriate pain killers, but I decided I needed some time off from those too, which means my shoulder pretty much aches full time. I think resting it will help. We'll see. I went to physical therapy for this a few months ago and I'm doing the recommended exercises, which should help. It's quite frustrating because my knitting obsession hasn't weakened in the least, but my physical ability to carry on is not there. Apparently, this is a common problem for knitters and the solution is easy: rest. So I'm resting, dammit.

I'm getting to work on the posts about jury duty soon. Tomorrow! Maybe. And, also, I'm getting back to work-work, which is plenty busy (good) and not weird and awkward at all (relief).

Grateful for: time.

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