Saturday, May 12, 2007


Some housekeeping…

The comments are not posting. It's a haloscan problem. I can still read comments, but they won't show up until haloscan gets things straightened out. I'd love it if you keep commenting. I believe the comments will appear when the problem is solved.

Next, I hope to start posting more regularly when jury duty ends.

A bit more on that last point…I put a lot of pressure on myself to come up with long, well-crafted posts. I could write shorter anecdotes, at least until I have more free time. But, well, it's not how I write or how I think. Yet, in the spirit of blog consistency, I'm going to try and write some shorter, less intense pieces for the next week or so.

Here goes…

This afternoon, I went to the movies (Hot Fuzz--see it!) and ate Chinese food for dinner. I decided to grab a beer on the way home. (This had nothing to do with Kansas. I haven't seen him for two weeks and we haven't communicated since Wednesday. Whatever.) I almost skipped the beer and biked straight home, but just as I arrived at the bar, the rain came. And came and came and came…

I slowly drank my beer and read my magazine. After about an hour, the rain slowed and I decided to call it a night. On my ride home, the rain came back with a vengeance. It was that hard, heavy thick rain. I was wearing a slicker, so my upper body stayed dry--and my water proof bag protected my possessions--but my legs, my pants, got soaked through. My shoes filled with water. I started to laugh. I laughed and peddled all the way home. I wasn't sure why I was laughing, but I didn't mind the rain at all.

Grateful for: the rain.

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