Saturday, May 05, 2007


"Have you been on a jury before?"

Today, finally, we began deliberations. The judge said, "You're now in the most sensitive part of the case." Because of that, I'm going to refrain from commenting on the process--even though I would love to. I'm trying to be good.

Before he gave us the instructions, the judge dropped by the jury room for a chat. He's a friendly man and we always have a good time talking to him. One of the jurors asked if we'd get to see the charts and graphs the lawyers showed us. I said, "We don't get to see the demonstratives, just the other exhibits." (Anything the lawyers create for illustrative purposes are called "demonstrative exhibits" and are not considered evidence.)

The judge said, "That's right." He turned to me and said, "How did you know that? Have you been on a jury before?"

I said, "Um, no. I just…know."

I'll leave it to your imagination who was selected as jury foreperson.

"I have the kind of house that makes single people glad they're still single."

After an exciting day of you-know-what, I rushed home so I could rush out to have dinner with an old friend. She's actually my former neighbor in the condo. She and her partner were great neighbors. They did tons of yard work and really made things happen. Since they left, things have not been nearly as good around here. Plus, they would catsit for me anytime. We had a pleasant evening of Chinese take-out and kid-time--they have a 2.5-year-old daughter. They also have a hyper Jack Russell terrier. With the dog barking and the kid on my lap, my friend said, "I know single people come to my house and are glad they don't have kids!" I smiled but I didn't agree. As much as I would like to have kids, I didn't feel jealous. I didn't feel relieved either. But I am reminded that I have a good, happy life with a lot of freedom. I try to appreciate that.

Oh, and I traded her for this awesome fortune, "You have an ability to sense and know higher truth."

"You hate my guts!"

After dinner, per my plan, I stopped by the grocery store. I was in a great mood when I left court and I'd wanted to call Kansas. But I didn't. I decided it was a good idea to leave him be for a while. In fact, we hadn't talked (emailed) since Tuesday.

But, wandering the aisles of the nearly empty grocery store at 9pm on Friday, I called. He answered already drunk. Sigh. So much for that pleasant conversation I wanted. After we got past the initial hellos he said, "I thought you hated my guts!"

"What? Why? Did something happen?"

He said, "No! I haven't heard from you in three days…"

"I haven't heard from YOU in three days!"

I'm going to the bar. Are you coming?"


Then he hung up.

"Where else would I be on a Friday night?"

The phone rang a few minutes later. It was my dad. He said, "Where are you?"

"The grocery store."


"Where else would I be on a Friday night?" We laughed. He was calling to tell me my oldest niece is engaged. I was happy to hear it. Looks like a trip to Israel is on the agenda for August.

"You're such a chick."

When I was almost done with the self-check-out lane (hate it), Kansas called again. I said, "Hey, why did you hang up on me before?"

"It wasn't on purpose."

"If you say so."

He rambled, "Well, the Nats lost…"

"What, so that's why you're calling?"

"Ah! You're such a chick! You think…[indecipherable mumblings.]"

"What, what? Why am I such a chick? What are you talking about?" I carried my groceries to the car.

"You think it matters about the baseball."

"No! No, I don't see why it matters if the Nats lose one game out of's a long season!"

"Oh. Right." He seemed realize that he'd falsely accused me of being a "chick." "Oh. Why are you angry?"

"I'm not angry. Anyway, you're the one who thinks I hate you because I didn't call. We're supposed to be friends, so I have to call you every day? Who's acting like a chick?"

"Me? Me."

"Yes, you."

He said, "I'm at the bar now. I have to go. Call me in the morning."

"Ok, but I'm busy tomorrow, so don't be offended if I don't call."

"Ok. Bye."

I got home and unpacked the groceries. I knew I'd get one more call from Kansas. Thankfully, it came before midnight. I'm going to sleep soon so I'll be ready to row tomorrow morning and drive to the beach in the afternoon.

It is time to get out of town, that's for sure, even if it's only for a day.

Grateful for: a full and happy life.

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