Friday, May 04, 2007


No, this isn't a post about my craziness. Isn't that every post? Well, sometimes I write about other people's craziness.

Yesterday, we heard the last closing arguments. One of the attorneys was fantastic--he quoted Shakespeare, used props, and spoke without notes. Most impressively, he twisted the words of others and remained completely likeable. I'd hire him.

We were dismissed an hour early because the judge has to finalize the verdict form and the instructions. I was so excited because I could go home and…work! I suppose it's inevitable that I would start missing my job. It's not the work itself I miss; it's the cooperation. The thing I have to finish affects other people (kinda) and I don't want to disappoint them. Or, maybe, I want to impress them by getting things done on my own.

I did get some work done, and some blog reading and emailing. Pele and I discussed taking a trip to the beach, but she's never free. However, we're both free on Saturday and I said, "Let's do something fun!"

Her thought: "Is that a challenge?" She wrote, "Let's go to the beach!"

So, we're going for one night this weekend. It's perfect. Hotels are cheap, the weather, while cool, is clear and sunny, and we have time. I wasn't trying to challenge Pele. My "fun" thought was to see a band at one of the H St. bars in my neighborhood that I keep meaning to visit. My other thought was to avoid hanging around with Kansas.

After a little work, a little email and a little snack, it was time to bike to rowing. It was not one of my better practices. My timing was off and mid-way through practice, I got one of those crazy, painful toe cramps in my right foot. About three-quarters way through practice, I got the toe cramp in the left foot. When we docked, I got a charley horse in my left calf. I couldn't stand up when it was time to get out of the boat. I said, "I am cramp city today!"

The woman sitting in front of me said, "You need to eat more bananas!"

The woman sitting in front of her said, "You need to eat more bananas!"

I did not argue with them.

I biked home without incident, despite exhaustion. Tonight, I will buy some bananas.

Grateful for: last minute plans.

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