Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I think I like limbo. Maybe it's easier. Maybe I've just gotten used to it. Maybe I'm lazy.

Dad called last night. He asked me how I spent my weekend. I gave him a list of interesting activities: movie, Art-o-Matic, rowing. Dad said, "Who'd you go to the movies with?"

"[DrJ] and [C-Money]. I never see them, so it was good."

"You didn’t see [Kansas]?"

"Um, no. I don't see him every weekend. He's not…well, he's predictable. But I didn't feel like hanging out at the bar."

Dad said, "Ah. No. That makes sense."

Long pause.

"But he did call me."


"On Saturday night. And Monday night. But I didn't see him."

Dad said, "I think he's interested."

"Sure, of course he's interested. He's just not…he's not capable of having a real relationship. So what can you do?"

"What can you do?"

Not much.

Grateful for: friends.

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