Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I'm sure you remember Owen, my last boyfriend. Perhaps you also recall his friend, Frank, who I met at the same time. A few months after our first meeting, Frank had a party where I met Owen for the second time. We got together after that.

Frank is having another party in a couple of weeks and he invited me. Owen will be there (evite told me). I mentioned this to my friend Nancy and she said, "Are you bringing Kansas?"

"No! Of course not. I would bring Pele, but she probably won't go. I might just go alone."

"Oh, that's too bad."

"I know it might be awkward to see Owen… I haven't heard a peep from him for months."

"But if you brought another guy…"

"You think I should bring a guy? Make Owen jealous?

"You should…he SO deserves it."

I was in a not-so-similar situation when I was in college. I wanted to see a band and there was a chance I would run into a guy I had a major crush on…and he had a girlfriend. I asked a friend if I could borrow her boyfriend so I could give the impression that I wasn't showing up just to see my crush. I don't think I was trying to make him jealous, it was more so that I wouldn't appear pathetic.

It didn't cross my mind that going to Frank's party solo would make me seem pathetic...but doesn't Owen deserve to be just a little jealous?

Now, all I need is a guy to come to the party with me. Any volunteers?

Grateful for: party plans.

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