Friday, March 02, 2007

So happy

If you haven't read this week or the damn feed is broken again, I posted twice yesterday but back-dated one entry. You may have missed something very exciting--if you find reviews of tv shows or stories about knitting exciting. I should have added in the post about knitting that this WON'T ever be a knitting blog. There are many very good ones out there and if I ever manage to knit so much as a scarf that will be a cold we'll stick with dating for the foreseeable future.

Last night, I went to what I think of as the "other" blogger happy hour. Open to bloggers and non-bloggers alike, this group is less formal than the meetup group. The social chair for a long time was Kathryn, but she passed the baton to I-66 and this month there were some new hosts: Kassy, ArJewTino, VK, and Roosh.

I attended with some ambivalence. The venue was The Front Page, a place I've avoided consistently for the last many years because my crazy alcoholic ex-boyfriend worked there. When I arrived, I entered with some trepidation. However, no crazy alcoholic ex was spotted, so crisis averted.

However, I still hate The Front Page. It was loud, crowded and filled with stripedy-shirt wearing, over-cologned young men and wrap-dress wearing, dangerous handbag wielding young women. And did I mention that it was loud?

I ran in to ArJew outside the front door and we eventually discovered the other bloggers. Can't speak to turnout since I planted myself by a rail and stayed there the rest of the evening--let them come to me, I say. I also did not pay for a single drink, first thanks to ArJew (thanks!) and later thanks to Good at Drinking and his non-blogger friend, Scott (thanks!).

Kassy was a fine hostess and introduced me to a few familiar names (if not faces)...Freckled K, Good at Drinking and a few more whose names now escape me.

Oh, and this one guy who commented on my rowing posts introduced himself--Jessie, I believe. He coaches rowing and we had a good talk. That was very cool. He said, "She's the rower, I have to meet her!" It's nice to be known for something other than dating.

A fellow standing near the jukebox on the other side of a pole from me said, "Are you a friend of Kassy's?"

I said, "I guess so. I mean, I've met her a couple of times."

"Are you a blogger?"

"Oh. Yes. You?"

He said yes and I could swear he called himself "Ribit," but it really seemed unlikely. Perhaps Kristin knows because I saw her talking to him later. She took up a spot next to me, against the same rail. Even though we didn't talk much, it felt like solidarity.

My conversation with VK consisted of him telling me Dook would go further in the tourney than Carolina. That's just sad. I'll tell you what Carolina has that Dook doesn't: a bench deeper than any other team in the ACC. It will serve them well come tourney time.

Also, much to my frustration, they didn't put on the Carolina-GA Tech game.

Around then, I decided it was time to go home. LMNtal informs me I missed the good dancing. Isn't that always the way? I have no regrets, however, because I got a full night's sleep, which is essential if I'm ever going to get any work done today.

Grateful for: getting out.

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