Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Who knew that sitting and listening to lawyers talk all day would be so exhausting? I planned to go to the office after court today, but I could barely keep my eyes open, so I walked slowly home instead. The good news is that I'll have plenty of time to bike home from court, change and bike to rowing when it's time for that. It would be a major hassle to drag all my rowing gear down to the courthouse and change at the boathouse.

Anyway, it was tiring. Many of us, including members of the legal teams, had a hard time keeping our eyes open. I even had some coffee during the lunch break because I was worried about falling asleep. It didn't help very much. Does anyone have suggestions about how to stay alert under sitting and listening circumstances?

What probably didn't help was the heavy dinner and two drinks I had last night (it was a celebration dinner for Pele's new job). It also didn't help that somebody called me at 11:30pm. However, I was wide awake so the call merely exacerbated things, it didn't create the problem. Bedtimes before midnight are probably advised.

I think working on a simple piece of knitting might actually help me concentrate, but I'd feel awfully self-conscious knitting in the courtroom. A little too "Tale of Two Cities." We are allowed to take notes, but even that, or doodling, wasn't enough to keep me from struggling to keep my eyes open. I'm pretty sure that once we start to have witnesses it will be easier to stay alert. The Q&A format will be a lot more interesting than the speech-ifying of opening statements.

Grateful for: keeping my eyes open.

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