Saturday, March 17, 2007

Looking up

Things are looking up. My gloomy mood has lifted and I'm feeling fine. Thanks for all the kind, encouraging comments on the last post. It helped.

Some good news: jury duty selection is scheduled for Monday. Doesn't mean I'll serve, but it's a day off from work, full pay and a chance of being on a jury. I'm excited! My plan is to bring a book and knitting, not the computer, so I may not post for a couple of days.

The date with Jumper on Friday was ok and a little amusing. I also think it was our last. I found myself almost completely uninterested in having a conversation with him. How lame am I? We had some dinner and then went for a drink. At the bar, we stood around and he told me a random story about an old girlfriend. Normally, I would have a story to answer with, but not this time. I smiled, asked questions and laughed where appropriate, but that was it. We found some seats, he had a second beer, I nursed my first, and watched the tourney. I got pretty into the games, which will happen. Jumper tried a variety of conversational gambits, "I think Cake [the band] is really underrated." "Did you have a good Halloween costume last year?" "Are you a PC person or a Mac person?" There was also a running commentary on the music being played at the bar, which I found particularly inane. I don't care what your favorite band is (as long as it's not Dave Matthews--in which case, I REALLY don't want to know). I was a music snob for a lot of years, and I still sort of am, but I'm not very interested in that conversation anymore. Or maybe I just wasn't interested in any conversation with Jumper. After the Virginia Tech game (awesome!), he turned to me and said, "Are you ready?" I said yes and we left. Out on the sidewalk, I said, "I'm kind of tired. I think I'm going to head home."

He said, "Sure, sure. Cool."

He gave me a hug at the bus stop and that was that. Will I hear from him again? I doubt it. Actually, it would be worse if I did, but I'll deal with that if it comes to it.

Of course, I did hear from Kansas on Friday. We had rather less than the typical amount of email. He's managed to get himself tied up in knots about the stupid basketball tournament. Yes, I care. Yes, I'll be said if the Heels lose. But it don't stress about it between games, only while actually watching the game. Dude needs to chill. I saw him very briefly on Saturday and I might see him tomorrow to watch the Kansas game, but it's hardly a date. If I have something I prefer to do, which could include seeing a movie, reading or knitting, I will. But if I want to see Kansas, I'll do that, and I'm not going to worry about it.

Last good news: Carolina wins again! They had me scared for a while, but they finished strong. Go Heels!

Grateful for: a good mood.

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