Thursday, March 15, 2007

Great day

When I woke up yesterday morning, for the first time in I can't remember how long, I actually looked forward to going to work. Why? Because I finally-FINALLY-finished both of the ultra-annoying tasks I've had hanging over me for months. I don't know why I couldn't get these things done in a reasonable amount of time. I've done similar tasks in the past in mere weeks. This time, though, the soul-crushing nature of the work was too much too bear. I know I'll be faced with similar things in the future and I'm determined not to procrastinate next time. The challenge is working on several tasks simultaneously. I'm just not good at that, but I need to learn how to do it.

I actually looked forward to clearing off some of the piles on my desk. I began the clearing, though it's not completed. I also wanted to catch up on a couple of other projects. I did quite a bit of reading and during some of that reading, I knit my scarf. The scarf is so simple that I only have to look at my hands every couple of seconds, so it can be done while reading. This is very cool as it dampens my constant urge to jump on the internet. The weather is supposed to get cold again this weekend and with any luck I'll be done with the scarf in time to actually wear it once or twice this year. Awesome!

I'm not sure whether this is good or bad, but I've also had jury duty all week. Or, I should say, I've been "on-call" for jury duty. While it's better than going in, sitting around and ultimately being sent home having done nothing, it's a little frustrating to not know until 5pm whether or not I'm coming to work the next day. My summons is for the "United States District Court" and starting last Monday, and for the next two weeks, I have to call in after 5pm each day. A recorded message tells me if there is jury selection scheduled for the next day. I've dutifully called--and not been summoned--each day this week. I'm a little disappointed because I would dearly love to sit on a jury. The other two times I was summoned for jury duty, both in DC, I didn't serve. The first time, I was dismissed, along with everyone else waiting that day, without even going in the courtroom. The second time I was dismissed after actually sitting in the jury box and filling out the questionnaire. I believe it was a peremptory dismissal. Somehow, I bet listing your occupation as "Social Science Analyst" doesn't make you anyone's first pick as a juror.

What else? My date with Jumper is back on. After some schedule shuffling, we have plans for Friday. I'm actually looking forward to seeing him and I think we'll have fun. It may well be our last date, so I'm going to relax and have a good time. Kansas, well, I was supposed to see him this week, but that didn't work out due to the arrival of an unexpected house guest at his house. That, plus his complete inability to deal with any kind of stressful situation, means no date for us this week. Actually, I'm not sure when I'll see him again, and the frantic emailing has subsided, so maybe our run is over. Of course, you know what happens as soon as I say that....

The scarf is looking to be finished today. I'm excited.

Grateful for: a productive day.

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