Monday, February 05, 2007

Weekend dating summary

I'm on a break, really! Ok, not really.

Date with Jumper on Saturday afternoon
What we did: sat a bar and chatted for a couple of hours.
Outcome: Pleasant, no spark, slight chance of seeing him again.

Guy in bar, later Saturday afternoon
What I did: went to watch the end of a basketball game after my date. I met a guy (Kansas) I really liked .
Outcome: Kansas asked for my number and said he'd call me on Sunday. I gave him my number but he didn't call (yet). I'm disappointed.

Diego, Saturday night
What we did: go to the movies.
Outcome: it's not a "date" because Diego is my friend and he's gay. We had a good time.

Super Bowl party, Sunday evening
What I did: went to a party at a colleague's house where I expected to see at least one single guy, Wayne, from work. In fact, there was another single guy there who I, and each single woman at the party, spent at least 15-20 minutes talking to. Dude was working the room! Can't blame him.
Outcome: I enjoyed watching the game and don't expect to ever see the single guy again, but the mild flirting was fun.

Work, first thing this morning
What happened: TR comes into my office and tells me he was at a Super Bowl party last night with a bunch of lawyers. His coupled friends mention this great single guy they know who is looking to meet someone. TR mentions me. He asks if I'm interested and I say, "Sure, I'm not proud. Now what?"
Outcome: yet to be determined. Initially, mild amusement.

Grateful for: not dating.

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