Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Shall we over analyze?

We all know that "Kansas," the fellow I met at the bar on Saturday, is not worth any more serious discussion (no, he hasn't called). But, heck, I'm not dating, my eyes are fine and I'm having fun talking about it, so let's continue.

Here's part of the problem: when I meet a guy I like I want to get started right away. Let's talk on the phone for hours! Let's exchange flirty emails all day! Let's have a date tonight! That's how I roll--impetuously, intensely, enthusiastically. I rarely just relax, wait patiently and let him come to me.

For example, did you know there is a BIG game tonight? Carolina vs. Duke. I would like to see the game but it's on cable and...I don't have cable. If I want to see the game, I have to go out. So, um, maybe I could go to the bar where I met Kansas and watch the game?

Is that a good idea? I'm not sure, actually. If he is there, maybe he won't even remember me (admittedly, unlikely). Given that I'm not dating (snicker), what difference does it make? As places to see the game go, it's just as inconvenient as any other, so not a completely unreasonable choice. Ah, sweet rationalization, how I adore thee.

Anyway. I told the story of meeting Kansas to (work friend) Nancy. She said, "If you want to hang out drinking at the bar and maybe make-out, call him. Just don't expect more than that."

She's exactly right and this is exactly why I don't want to call him. My expectations are much too high. When I met him, I thought, "he could be my next boyfriend!" So what if I was drunk at the time? I remember everything, always, and I will remember how I felt that night. If I call him, I'll be trying to fit him into some plan of mine. Heck, I might even succeed for a while. It's happened before.

But I don't want to do that. I don't even want to date (ha ha ha ha!). Somehow, running into him at the bar seems less meaningful than calling. It's not a plan, just another random meeting (if it happens). If it doesn't happen, then I'm there to watch the game.

Given how ridiculously cold it is, I'm probably not going anywhere after I get home tonight. But I'll leave myself the option. What harm can it do? Worst case is I watch the game and that's something I want to do anyway.

A more important question is, can I find a place to watch the Carolina women (#2) play Duke (#1) on Thursday? It's on ESPN2 and I don't know if most places carry that station.

I should probably just get cable.

UPDATE: Tonight's game is on network tv so I'll stay home and watch it. Pele and I will venture out tomorrow night and hope the women's game is playing at the bar in question. A resonable solution, I think.

Grateful for: college basketball.

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