Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Best dressed

I'm not sure what it says about me that I answered every question on the Washington Post's Oscar Dress Quiz correctly--and it wasn't even hard! It probably means that I usually watch the Academy Awards, which is true. I have little respect for the ceremony, but I do enjoy evaluating and dissing the formal gowns. The men's tuxedos are usually dull or misguided. Boys, you have it so easy! How can you screw it up?

Last year, I'd only seen one of the Best Picture nominees before post time. This year, I've seen two. I'm replicating and updating my table from last year. I've caught up on a few of the movies I missed last year but laziness prevails.

Here is my track record for Best Picture for the past two years (* indicates winner):

Year Film Saw it? Opinion
2006 Babel
Heard it was more confusing than great, though visually stunning. Don't have a strong desire to see it.

The Departed
Saw it, loved it. My boy Marky-Mark better win for Best Supporting Actor. He was swell.

Letters From Iwo Jima
Who has seen this? I'm curious.

Little Miss Sunshine
I wasn't as blown away as some folks, but there were plenty of laughs.

The Queen
Am I really supposed to want to see this? Bor-ing.
2005 Brokeback Mountain Yes (after the awards show) Just about the saddest little movie ever made. Very pretty, too.

Capote No
Supposed to be good and I'll see it eventually.

Crash* Yes (after the awards show) This claptrap won? Why am I not surprised.

Good Night and Good Luck Yes Fine film, perhaps a little too pointed in its critique of GWB and too light in its treatment of characters and plot

Munich No Didn't see it. Spesh said it would be wrong to pay for it and we almost snuck in once. I may see it someday.

Note: This is the first of at least two movie-themed posts (or the second of three if you count my ode to The Avengers yesterday). Tis the season, right? This year, the Academy Awards are being shown the day before my birthday and I'll be watching in celebration. To the very end. No matter what.

Grateful for: more movies!

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