Saturday, February 17, 2007


After work on Friday I went to a happy hour organized by a friend of a blogger. It was good to get out and talk to people. It was a very quiet week, what with being home sick for a couple of days and then returning to a near empty office. I did talk TR's ear off but I also tried to get some work done. I would have talked Nancy's ear off but she was on the run all week. I've also been in touch with Kansas, but almost 100% by email and it's not the same as actually talking to someone.

So, when the happy hour invite came, I said yes.

There I was Friday evening, around 5:45pm, innocently drinking a beer and talking to CO. My phone rings. I might have done a double take when I looked at the name of the caller. You'll never guess who it was. Or maybe you will.

It was David.

CO saw the look on my face when I looked at the caller ID and because she reads the blog (occasionally), I told her who it was. She was stunned as well.

I said, "What is wrong with this guy? What can he possibly be thinking?"

I haven't heard from him since late November. I did not call him back. He left a message then and he left a message this time too. It went something like this:

"Dr. J! How are you? Maybe you remember me...we hung out a little this summer. I've been applying to graduate I've been thinking about you. [I wondered, does he want a letter of recommendation?] And I was thinking, you know, maybe we could get together and have a drink or something. Call me!"
After listening, I thought, "Idiot." He is such a fool.

I have to admit that I'm a little flattered. Since his last call in November, I haven't thought about him at all (before that, I had). But, obviously, since this is the third time he's contacted me since our appalling conversation, he has thought about me. And fondly. Damn fool.

I almost--almost--want to call him to tell him he's a damn fool and to stop calling because I am never, NEVER, going to agree to meet him. Ironically, since we last met, I've lost a small but noticeable amount of weight. I DON'T want to see him again for that very reason. If he complimented me on my weight loss, I might just have to hurt him. Permanently.

Grateful for: perspective.

Drop me a line.

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