Friday, February 02, 2007


Hello internet friends! I'm sorry to say that due to an excess of WORKING at WORK, I got nothing today. At least nothing much. I will share this absolutely precious email I received yesterday via the nameless site:

hello cutie
I saw your profile on NAMELESS_SITE.COM and i find you so cool ...I Actually got a mail from NAMELESS_SITE.COM & i decided to register with them,So as you can see.I`m new here..I really don`t like chating with people here online..Cause there are lot of liar cheat & people who are only interested in sex,i rather stay off the PC when i have nothing doing...Kindly view my profile Or IM me on my YAHOO ID i_am_crazy..If you`re interested in geting to know me better..Thanks

I think we have a winner! Bonus: he lives in California. (Identifying information was changed to protect his idiocy.)

Happy weekending all!

PS I do indeed appear to have a date with Jumper tomorrow. Don't get too excited; someone may cancel at the last minute.

Grateful for: better things to read.

Drop me a line.

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