Friday, February 16, 2007

Boyfriend Advisory System

Even though I'm not going to directly write about whatever is going on with whomever I may or may not be dating, I've decided to keep you apprised, in the vaguest possible way, about my relationship status. To that end, I have developed the Boyfriend Advisory System (BAS). (If I had more programing chops, I'd have it color-coded and embedded in little bars. Instead, you'll have to make due with this low-tech, text-based version.)

The threat levels of the Boyfriend Advisory System are:

Severe: severe risk of boyfriend
He calls you his girlfriend, you have a standing weekend date and/or you cook for each other regularly. In all likelihood, you now do have a boyfriend.

High: high risk of boyfriend
You may not call him your boyfriend, but you see each other a few times a week, call or email daily and have no interest in dating anyone else.

Elevated: significant risk of boyfriend
No one is saying "bf/gf", but you check in frequently, keep apprised of each other's day-to-day lives, and have at least one future date planned.

Guarded: general risk of boyfriend
You met a guy. You like him, he likes you. Now someone needs to call.

Low: low risk of boyfriend
I just broke up with someone. Leave me alone.

When I went out last Saturday and hoped to run into Kansas, the boyfriend threat level was Guarded. By Monday, we'd almost moved to Elevated. I think we'll stay there for a while, which is fine by me.

Grateful for: moving on.

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