Thursday, January 18, 2007

Work it out

The week of many happy hours got off to a good start last night with an excellent turn out for the blogger meetup. (Almost full attendee list on Rob's blog.)

I actually closed out the group at RFD, along with three charming (can I say that, Joe?) companions, who continued drinking without me in Arlington. That's ok, I don't do VA on weeknights. Ha ha.

But when I got home, a little after 11pm, the last thing I wanted to do was sleep. This seems to be a pattern this week. On Sunday, I went to bed before 11pm and slept well. But on Monday night, I couldn't force myself to the bedroom before 1am. Tuesday night, I went to hot yoga, tired myself out, and was asleep before 11pm. But last night, I did not lay my head down until 1:30am and I didn't sleep for some time after that. Tonight, I have at least two happy hours and a moderate amount of drinking ahead of me, which probably means a late night. Except I'm already tired and wouldn't mind taking a nap right now. I know it has something to do with post-break up blues, but I'm so busy ignoring all bad feelings associated with that event, I don't want to examine that hypothesis very closely.

On another front, I'm completely failing to do any work at work. It's truly sad. I'm not busy, but by dint of avoiding ALL of my work, things have piled up and I'm missing vague deadlines like crazy. It's just all so damn boring. I'm so discouraged by the poor quality of everything I have to read and subsequently fix that I don't know how to start.

I have been to a couple of meetings this week where I did a lot of talking and spouted off a bunch of ideas that later on people told me were good and helpful. Nice to know the old brain is still working. If I could do more of that--talking, thinking and brainstorming, I might actually like my job. But this relentless need to edit sub-par reports is mind numbing and dispiriting and I can't figure out how to force myself through it.

Can we blame my workplace malaise on the break up too? Please?

Grateful for: good ideas.

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