Friday, January 19, 2007


Today, I participated in a trivia contest sponsored by another office here at work. The contest is kind of a big deal, though only pride is at stake. This is the fourth year I've played and I was worried for a while that I wouldn't be able to answer any questions. I redeemed myself down the stretch with such answers as "Sergeant Preston," "King Vidor".

Last night, at my first happy hour, which turned out to be a dinner--a much larger and more expensive dinner than I'd anticipated--I met a fellow who was going to be on my trivia team. "Imesh" is young, good-looking and has a dry wit. He asked me what to expect and I filled him in as best I could. One of our companions asked, "So, have you two figured out a strategy for tomorrow?"

Imesh said, "I'm going to ring the bell and Jamy will answer the questions."

I laughed and said, "You know there are going to be three other people on the team."

He said, "They can ring the bell too."

He turned out to be the star of our team, which didn't surprise me at all.

I got out of the dinner a little before 9pm and headed to the second blogger happy hour of the week. The crowd was smallish, very friendly and only I-66 and I were there both nights. We really need to space things out better in the future. I won't always be this single and carefree.

I saw a couple of people who I haven't seen for at least five or six months and it was nice to catch up. I got this question, which I'd also gotten the night before, "So, I haven't been reading, what's going on with you?"

I actually answered this time, "Well, I just broke up with my boyfriend, so you have to be nice to me." And he was. Yet another handy use for my circumstances. (Not that this fellow isn't usually nice, but it was still a good line.)

I called another fellow out for de-linking me. I meant it to be funny but he said, "Do you want it sugarcoated or the real story?"

"Um, the real story, of course!!"

He said, "I'm rootin' for you, but, but, I just don't get it! I can't read it! It's too long! I don't understand."

I laughed as he repeated, over and over, "I'm rootin' for you! Really!" I thought, "What is there to understand? Do I not write clearly?"

I told him to stop and finally said, "Look, if you link to me again, I'm DE-LINKING you. So you aren't allowed to link to me anymore!"

He said, "Huh. So, I really can't link to you anymore, can I?"


That was funny.

At the end of the evening, just like Wednesday night, I was left with three charming companions. A bit of symmetry perhaps?

The week shaped up nicely and I'm very pleased. I may stay in tonight, though. Don't want to press my luck.

Grateful for: fun and games.

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