Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This is ridiculous

I just received my FIFTH invitation to a happy hour to be held tomorrow. No, not five invites to the same happy hour; invitations to five different events on the same day.

Before you go thinking I'm actually that popular, only one was a personal invitation. Two were institutional--that is, everyone on a certain list was invited, and I don't even know the organizers. Two of the other ones are also generic, but I do know the people organizing and some of the other probable guests. Also, there are four distinct neighborhoods for these events, making doubling or tripling very challenging.

Here are the happy hours in order of invitation:
  • Bloggers (Downtown-ish)
  • Friend's birthday (U St.)
  • Flexcar promotion (Capitol Hill)
  • Rowing (Downtown-ish)
  • City Paper "nosh mob" (Adams Morgan)
The last event actually has free food, but there is no way to attend it. Bummer.

My happy hour priority list:
  • Friend's birthday
  • Bloggers
  • Rowing
  • Nosh mob
  • Flexcar
It's not even clear that I can go to two of these, though I think I can make the blogger get together if I stay at my friend's thing for about an hour. I've gone to her birthday events before and I don't particularly love her other friends. They're fine, we just don't have much to say to each other. If I can get out of there in an hour, I'll still have time for the blogger bash. The blogger things are fun, but I often am too shy to introduce myself to people and end up only talking to folks who I've met before. Maybe if I warm up at the first happy hour, I'll be bold enough to talk to some blog strangers. That's a thought...

A note to the institutional happy hour holders--next time, could you spread it out a little more? Next week is looking very, very open.

Grateful for: happy hours.

Drop me a line.

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