Saturday, January 27, 2007

Every blogger's dream

Or nightmare.

Yesterday, for the first time, I was linked by the powerful and popular Wonkette. What an honor! Except they linked to the piece of frippery I wrote about today's anti-war protest.

I got two comments that took me to the woodshed for my supercilious ways. I am chagrined. I am on the defensive. I am a little disappointed in myself.

This is a blog about my personal journey. It's not about my politics or my activism.

It's tempting to list my resume of good works--volunteering, protesting, political organizing. It's even more tempting to roll out my unpopular ultra left-wing views. But it would be defensive--even more defensive than claiming such a resume exists. It wouldn't convince anyone and there will always be someone who could find fault. I could do more. And it's true that I'm not willing to sacrifice my day-to-day life for any cause, unlike my friend Spesh.

I told Spesh I was on the fence about going to the protest and he said, "you must go."

So I must. And I will.

Grateful for: my conscience.

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