Saturday, January 13, 2007


Last night, I wanted to go to the movies. Lots of good things are playing but all I wanted to see were the bunnies. You know, Miss Potter. I expected the film to be watchable. Renee Zellweger is ok in my book and so is Ewan McGregor (heh, Mr. McGregor!!). The movie was a bit sadder than I expected but just as charming as it could be. I've actually been to the Lake District in England where much of the film is set and I'm prepared to believe it's as beautiful as it looked. But on my visit, which occurred in mid-August, it was completely fog-enclosed. Brrr.

As the closing credits were rolling, pictures from the Potter books appear on the left-side of the screen. Then they ceased. I said, "If I don't get to see any more bunnies, I'm ready to leave." Pele agreed.

Sometimes all you want is to escape into a fantasy world of bunnies with brass buttons on their blue jackets. If that's the case, this film more or less fits the bill.

As to whether it's a good film, I can't say. Ask Pele.

(Note: In real life, McGregor is two years younger than Zellweger (she is 37), though they play characters of approximately the same age. Potter is 32 in the film and seen as an old maid. She didn't marry until she was 40.)

Grateful for: Peter Rabbit.

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