Friday, December 29, 2006

We have wi-fi!

Amazing. No cell reception, but wi-fi. Guess that means that certain boyfriends ought not to expect phone calls from me.

Let me tell you a bit about the ridiculousness that brings me to Inverness, CA. I'm here for a party for my dad and stepmother, Susan. It's for their birthdays--but hers is in November and Dad's is in February. So, we are having a birthday party on no one's birthday near a beach that's too cold for swimming. And the party is on New Year's Eve at NOON. Does this strike anyone else as absurd?

They decided this party was a great idea and that my stepsisters, B1 and I would throw it for them. Huh?

Most of my cousins are coming up to spend a couple of days, along with my aunt and one of Susan's sisters. My brother, B1, is here with his family. We're staying in a modest motel complex and providing most of the food. Also, technically, the kids are throwing the party, so I get to pay for my own room (over $500 for three nights). Dad is going to pay for part of my plane ticket. He suggested half since I'm going to Seattle after this. You know, I think he should pay it all! I never would have come now if it weren't for this party. Or maybe he should pay none. I don't know. I'm so annoyed right now, I can't think straight.

I've spent most of the day loading a van with tons of food, wine and luggage. Running around town picking up more food and beverages. Carrying heavy cases of wine and beer. Cleaning up the mess Dad made from improper van loading. And getting about zero thanks for all of it. What fun.

Generally, this side of the family brings out the grumpy in me. I was sanguine on my journey here (despite a remarkably turbulent flight), but a couple of hours ago, I hit my limit. Perhaps venting here will help, but it would sure be nice if someone would say thanks.

(I will have pics eventually, but the one thing I forgot is the cable that connects my camera to the computer. Oh well.)

(An Owen update: on Thursday, at the airport, I got a text message from him, "Have a safe flight." Aww.)

Grateful for: patience.

Drop me a line.

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