Monday, December 18, 2006


I'm not tired because I've been staying up late having fun. I'm tired because I'm still a little sick. I'm not deathly ill or anything and, in fact, I'm feeling much better than last week. I even walked to work today--which didn't wear me out. I'll be getting back to the gym any time now.

That said, I'm not in the mood to write. Strange, no? I saw a couple of movies this weekend and I want to get some reviews up. I've almost finished one of those unsolicited books, so I'll have something to say about that in a couple of days too. But thinking about getting into that stuff just makes me tired. Forget writing about Owen. Sigh.

He left for his holiday vacation on Saturday and I hope he's able to relax and get work off his mind. We spent a cosy late Friday evening through early Saturday afternoon together and he liked the latest present I got him (the novel, Casino Royale). We relaxed, watched a movie, he did his laundry and packed. We had time for breakfast and more hanging out on Saturday before a quick goodbye at the metro. I missed him unreasonably on Sunday--that's usually time we're together and I really felt the absence. I don't like that I don't know when I'll see him again (I leave the day after he gets back); it leaves me uneasy, but what can I do?

Next weekend will be a challenge because, not only will it be Owen-free, but everyone else will either be out of town or spending time with their families. Christmas has no meaning for me, but it can be lonely if you don't have family and friends around. I have recruited at least one friend to spend Friday night with me, which will be good, but that leaves Saturday and Sunday open. I'm sure I'll do what I always do: go to the movies.

Who else is around and doing their own thing this holiday? Want to go to the Eden Center and a movie? That's what I did last year and it was a darn good time.

I'm probably taking a few days off from the blog, but you shouldn't worry about me. I'm not lying in a ditch or crying my eyes out. I just need a little break.

Grateful for: time off.

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