Friday, December 22, 2006

Super Spy

Last night, I had an assignation with a bald, Chinese man (hey, that's how he described himself). On a dark DC street, I handed over a stack of documents and he bowed and thanked me. It was Pele who pointed out the spy-like quality of the meeting. Oh, if only it were actually interesting.

Over the last week, I've received a few dozen final exams. No, I'm not teaching a class--my friend, Spesh, is. He lives in Israel and is teaching an online class, but the students have to take the final exam in person, with a proctor. Then, they mail the exam to UMD. Then, instead of sending the finals to Spesh, in Israel, they send them to me, in DC. I am Spesh's US address, but this is ridiculous. In an effort to get the exams to Spesh in a reasonable amount of time, I made the plan to meet a UMD professor (?) in front of a liquor store near the Van Ness metro and give him the exams. (Yes, I could have mailed them to Israel, but it would have cost a fortune.)

Mission accomplished!

After the hand off, Pele and I met CK for dinner. We went to 2 Amys, which I've wanted to try forever. I liked the food, though it was noisy (too many hard surfaces) and the place was packed. The pizza didn't meet CK's Boston standards, but Pele was in my camp--pro pizza, with the exception of the half-burnt crust on one pie. Still, a big yum. A couple of leftover slices made for a very tasty dinner tonight.

Today, work was pretty much a bust. I bugged out a little early with Nancy to see a movie. But, instead of that, we shopped. First, Staples, to get a date book for me for next year. I left it to the last minute and couldn't find exactly what I wanted, but it'll do. Then, Target, for lots of presents for Nancy's kids and a few odds and ends for me. Last, the grocery store for the potatoes I need for Sunday. The traffic was terrible, but it gave us lots of time to talk in the car--always a good thing.

My cold seems to be receding, which is a relief. I wasn't sure how long it was going to take me to feel better.

I'm also in a much better mood because I heard from Owen. It's not like he's busy working or anything so I didn't know what to make of his silence.

Last night, after a glass and a half of wine, I called him and left a message. I didn't hear from him until this morning when I got a rather long (for him) email. The email put my mind at ease. He explained why I hadn't heard from him. It lifted my mood. High enough, I think, to get me sufficiently cheerfully through the rest of the weekend.

Grateful for: improved spirits.

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