Thursday, December 28, 2006

The shoe dilemma

The shoe dilemma is always part of my trip preparations.

When I went to Israel for two weeks, I only brought two pairs of shoes. A triumph, especially considering that I had a wedding to attend and a dress to wear.

However, my boyfriend just went away for ten days and brought only a beat up pair of sneakers. I could manage with one pair for a weekend. Maybe.

This trip will be a two pair minimum. The question is, should I bring a third pair? The answer is yes if I bring a skirt or a dress. No if I don't. I can probably make do without a skirt or a dress, but given that I'm going on an 11-day trip, it would be nice to have the option to dress up once. And, while I could, theoretically, borrow a skirt from Mom, I can't borrow her shoes. Why? I had the same size feet as my mother for less than a year--and that was when I was in the fourth grade.

I'm definitely bringing a pair of running shoes. I've been doing some light exercising over the last week and a bunch of PT exercises for my shoulder (the right one was sore from rowing). I'll keep that up and add in a few runs as well. I'll be ready for some more intensive gym work when I return.

First pair: running shoes.

But what is my second pair? While it's verboten to wear running shoes around town, I'll break that rule on my trip. I run so little, I'm not worried about ruining them. The second pair, though, needs to be water resistant. It's supposed to rain the whole time I'm in Seattle. (It's Seattle in January. It's going to rain.) The first part of the trip is on the coast of California, an hour or so north of San Francisco. The town where I'm staying is on a bay, near a beach, so there may be walks on wet sand. It may or may not rain. The ugly red shoes, which are water resistant, but open on top, might be appropriate. Can I really live with sneakers and red shoes for over a week? Hell, I'm on vacation, why not?

Second pair: ugly red shoes.

The more I think about it, the less likely I think it is that I'll want to dress up. It won't be necessary in Seattle. The Cali trip does include a party on New Year's Eve. At NOON. It does not require me to dress up. Maybe I can bring a nice top.

That settles it: no third pair.

I'm sure my male readers will be astonished at the amount of thought going into shoes. I'm sure my female readers will be impressed that I'm only bring two pairs. You feel me, sisters, I know you do.

Last notes, as you can tell, I'm about to venture out west. I have no idea if there will be internet access in the wilds of Northern California, so you may not hear from me until I get to Seattle on January 2nd. And, what with settling in and all, it may be even longer than that. I should have some good family stuff to share, though, so I will post if I have a chance. Also, I'm missing the second blog anniversary, which is tomorrow (Dec. 29th). I don't have anything prepared, but if you have requests, questions, thoughts, please share.

And very last, here is the Owen update: he called me last night. This should not seem remarkable, but it does. We didn't talk long as he was mostly telling me he couldn't come over because of work, but I still appreciated the effort. I'm all about the bright side.

If I don't talk to you before it happens: Happy New Year!

Grateful for: packing light.

Drop me a line.

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