Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Only six?

Barbara tagged me to write six weird things about myself. I'm not sure how weird these are. Perhaps I'm blind to my true weirdness? This is is what I came up with:

  1. I like to take things apart. I disassemble and reassemble every pen I get my hands on. Hand me a flashlight, the first thing I'll do is open it. (A few years ago I was visiting an old family friend who is in her eighties. She handed me a very nice, non-functional Mag flashlight. "Here, you can fix this." I took it apart and "fixed" it. I think the problem was the batteries were in the wrong way.)

  2. I'm known as the "computer person" in my office because I understand some of the more obscure functions of MS Word. I can get rid of the "©" when you really want "(c)". I'm the "tech-savvy" friend because I can set clocks, program VCRs, program cell phones, download podcasts, record audio streams and install software. My parents have each scheduled phone time with me so I can guide them through software installation. If they are going to buy new computers, they consult me first. When my mom buys a new computer, she either waits 'til I'm home or buys it right before a visit so I can set it up for her.

  3. I can't stand clocks blinking "12:00" or clocks that tell the wrong time. If you possess a clock in this condition, I will attempt to reprogram it (eventually), but I will ask your permission first. (My boyfriend has piece of art in his apartment that resembles a broken clock with the hands stuck at five to twelve. I do my best not to look at it when I'm at his place. When I see it, I want to "fix" it.)

  4. I am "bad at math" but chose a quantitative (mostly statistical) PhD program. Some of my closest friends are math majors. My boyfriend has a math degree.

  5. I balance my checkbook every month--without fail. (I used to do it on paper, now I use the computer, which is much easier.)

  6. I have a list of the names of every boy with whom I've ever had a date. I started the list because I wanted to break my mother's record of 100 dates with different guys (her approximation). I broke her record but I took at least six years longer than she did--since she got married when she was 26. As soon as I broke 100, I lost interest in the list. I'm not sure where it is.

I hate tagging people (though I love to be tagged). Please tag yourself if you are so inclined.

Also, it would be fun if you could tell me one weird or unusual thing about yourself in the comments. When I taught, I asked my students to do this and it was always very interesting. So, readers, consider yourselves tagged!

Grateful for: our weirdness.

Drop me a line.

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