Sunday, December 24, 2006

Latke night

Tonight, I made latkes for TR's family. Kind of funny, actually, to be invited over to cook...while I saw the humor in the situation, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I love TR's kids and they seem to like me too. TR's father-in-law and aunt-in-law were visiting and very appreciative latke-eaters. Latkes are easy to make but require perseverance. The "batter" is mostly grated potatoes and once the potatoes are "opened" they won't last. So, however many you grate, that's how many you cook. You can save and freeze the extra latkes. The taste good reheated, but they loose their crispness. Years ago, when I was in grad school, I had a latke party. I made a tremendous number of latkes and I decided to bring the extras to school on Monday. I put them out in our little common kitchen and they were gone in 15 minutes flat. So, reheating won't stop anyone, or at least hungry grad students, from eating them.

My day was good. I slept late. When I got up, I had some cereal and watched some of the Sunday tv shows. I did some exercise and then walked to Eastern Market. I was surprised to find everything open. I had some coffee and bought a couple of things for Mom (birthday presents). After shopping, I stopped in a bar and ate lunch while watching the first half of the football game. I walked home at halftime and watched the second half at home. Then, I headed over to TR's and got cooking.

When I got home, around 8 PM, I was beat. A long, lovely day of doing nothing.

Yesterday, I spent the morning at home doing laundry and not much else. I left in the early afternoon to catch a movie at the AFI. Afterwards, I went to Nancy's. I played with her kids and helped put them to bed. After they fell asleep, we watched a bad movie and Nancy put together a toy. I got home after 11pm and stayed up watching boring tv.

Tomorrow, movies for sure! Happy, merry everyone.

Grateful for: latkes.

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