Tuesday, December 19, 2006


What happens when you go around feeling pre-lonely and sorry for yourself? Lots and lots of plans. I'm in a much better mood today, despite ongoing, never ending vague dizziness. Really, this whole head full of cotton feeling is not conducive to getting any work done.

But, the good news: probable matinee with Nancy when the let us off work early on Friday. Cool movie to see at AFI on Saturday afternoon to be followed by hanging out at Nancy's on Saturday evening. Sunday, Christmas Eve, I'll go over to TR's at his wife's invitation to make latkes. Fun! And, on the day itself, I hope to spend a little time hanging out with Kristin. If not, I'll be ok on my own.

Plus, tonight, I have a book group (a new book group) dinner. Nope, haven't read the book. Tomorrow, blog meetup! Thursday, dinner and salsa dancing with CK! So, sick or not, I'm going out and having fun, dammit.

And, I got an email from Owen. Short and sweet, but it was good to hear from him. My strategy is to keep busy while he's gone and fill my head and time with other things. I'm not sitting around moping about an absent boyfriend. You know what they say...while the cat's away...I will have a darn good time.

PS I told you I was terrible at this taking a break thing.

Grateful for: plans.

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