Monday, November 20, 2006

Much better

Wow, Friday was something, wasn't it? I was sooo frustrated with the blog world, my own behavior, and the stupid comments from a site I refuse to link to (if you send me an email, I'll give you the link). I could not wait to get out of the office. Luckily, my impromptu plans with Pele panned out and we went to see the new James Bond in a crowded theater with an enthusiastic audience. I'll write a longer short review later, but I liked it. You know what it is you are looking for when you go see a Bond movie? This one has it.

Pele was kind enough, as usual, to drive me home. We sat and talked in the car, as usual. I did more listening than usual, but that was good. It was good to get a little outside myself.

I slept well on Friday and got up early on Saturday for "put away day" at the boathouse. I arrived at 8:30am and stayed until noon. We took all the boats out of the boathouse, derigged, washed and waxed them. Minor repairs to all the boat parts were made. It was a big job and I have the sore shoulder to prove it, though I didn't stay until the official end time of 2pm.

Before going home, I stopped by the local Italian store in my neighborhood, A. Litteri. If you've never been, go. The subs are fantastic, though all I got was some olive oil, cheese, crackers and cookies.

When I got home, I called Owen to figure out when I should head over there. It was pushing noon and I told him I'd get there by 3pm. I had lunch, bathed and packed a small bag. That evening, we were going to a party on a boat--you know one of those dinner/dancing cruises on the Potomac. I cannot tell you the foolishness of planning such an outing for NOVEMBER. (No, he did not plan it--this was his work's holiday party.) It was a dress-up affair so I brought my nice clothes, fancy shoes and optional make-up to Owen's place.

When I arrived, Owen greeted me enthusiastically. Barry (the roommate) was also happy to see me and they showed me their full cupboards and fridge--all in preparation for Thanksgiving. They were so pleased! It was cute.

We watched some college football. Barry and I had a long conversation about rowing--he rowed in high school. I have to say, it's great to get along so well with him. I feel completely comfortable hanging out at Owen's when he's home. It's nice--very friendly and homey. Too bad Tabitha (the cat) can't join us! Poor baby, all alone.

A couple of fellow party-goers came by--they were leaving their car at Owen's and taking the metro to the boat with us. I turned out to be dressed appropriately, but modestly, for the occasion. I have never seen such a display of cleavage in my life. Owen gave me a mildly hard time for not wearing something more revealing and he (incorrectly) said I could pull off the low-cut style one of our dinner companions was wearing. While inaccurate, his comments were flattering.

The party itself was...not terrible. It was on a boat. The dinner was inside and condensation covered the windows as soon as the boat launched so there was no view unless you went outside. It was chilly outside. The view was so-so--heading South to Alexandria does not provide the most dramatic nighttime scenery. The festivities also included a mildly entertaining floor show. Three performers, a couple of medleys and some goofy dancing. I was terribly embarrassed for them. For one of the numbers, they recruited audience members to act as back-up "singers" (no actual singing required). They tapped Owen and he handled it remarkably well. He accepted the "honor" uncomplainingly, unlike our other friend who wanted to refuse. Owen followed the dance steps pretty well and he smiled through the whole thing. I gave him a big hug when he was done. While I would not have enjoyed it, I love that he did. He's such a good sport and completely un-embarrassed.

After the boat docked, Barry took off home. A little odd, but he's done that before. When he's ready to call it a night, he doesn't wait for anyone else. We stayed on the boat about an hour after it docked, dancing and talking to folks. I was done drinking, and so was Owen, but a few of the other people in our group were still going at it. By 11pm, Owen corralled them and we got a ride back to Arlington with Nick. Our party numbered six--all of whom ended up sleeping in Owen's living room (as anticipated).

When we got back, Barry had a bunch of food ready for us. He also offered alcohol, but only Nick (the driver) took him up on it, thus ensuring he would also spend the night. We watched a movie and Owen unsuccessfully tried to get everyone to keep their voices down since a baby lives upstairs. I didn't hear a baby cry, so hopefully we didn't wake anyone up.

Owen and I sat together, cuddled up, a bit separate from the rest of the group. Every once in a while Barry would say something like, "they sure look cozy over there." Bonnie, who I'd met before, would also call out to us occasionally. I'd say she was the drunkest person there, though not the first one to pass out. Everyone went to sleep around 2am.

Bonnie woke us up by knocking on the door around 8am (really? that early? Yes, I think so). Because we had cars, as soon as everyone was awake and dressed, we went out to breakfast. I do enjoy that. We sat at two tables--Owen and I with Nick, Barry with Bonnie and two others. Nick and I had a long-ish talk about rowing when Owen told him I'd been putting boats away the day before.

I spent the rest of the day watching dvds and football with Owen and Barry. Around 4:30, I got a little restless and I said, "I think I'm going for a walk." Barry said, "You're leaving already?"

Owen and I said, almost at the same time, "No." I continued, "I just need to stretch my legs." Since they live a five minute walk from the mall at Pentagon City, I went over there and ended up buying a ton of socks (on sale) at Nordstrom's. I stopped at the grocery store too and got some cookies and tonic water. (The tonic was because Barry said he should have gotten some to mix with the gin he bought in their shopping frenzy.) I also made a couple of calls, one to Pele, who called me back right before I returned to Owen's. I sat on a bench in the park next to his building and we talked for about half an hour--until it got too cold to sit still.

While we were on the phone, a call came in from a number I don't have programmed in the phone. From an unfamiliar area code. I didn't take it but I said to Pele, "You know, I bet it's that guy! It's that David." When I got off the phone with Pele, she said, "Text me if it's him."

It was him and he'd left a rather long message. What did he have to say after almost three months? That he was a clod, he wanted to see how I was doing even though I was probably mad at him because of what happened. That he wanted to chat, I was very cool and a good person to know and I should call him.

About the same time, Owen sent a text that said, "dinner?"

I went up to his place and put the tonic in the fridge and the cookies on the counter. I sat in the living room and Barry said, "She brought tonic and cookies! What more could you ask?" Not much, apparently.

I told Owen, in a hushed voice, that David had called. He was very surprised. He said, "Like he's getting a call back!"

"I know! What was he thinking?"

And yet...and yet. My curiosity is so strong...I sort of want to call David. Maybe I want to gloat a little? I have a great boyfriend now, so there! I haven't decided yet. I'm not mad any more but odds are I won't call. Beyond satisfying my curiosity, I don't see the point.

Owen made some dinner for Barry and me. We ate and watched football and then Simpsons. By 9:30, I was falling asleep for real and I put myself to bed.

Owen and I didn't have a cross word the entire weekend. The party was fun, the hanging out with friends was fun and I feel like we're in a good place. We were both angry on Thursday, but by Saturday, we were fine. No resentment, no lingering recriminations, nada. Of course, we weren't alone very much, but even if we had been, I didn't feel the need go over anything. Being alone would have been good too, but being together was great.

This relationship keeps surprising me. I can't always anticipate how I'm going to feel and I was pleased with how well I handled myself, what with the party on the boat, the group of friends, the roommate--all things that have potential to cause stress and unhappiness. Instead, I was comfortable and pleased through it all. In the one or two moments where I needed to be alone, Owen never took it personally. He let me have the space I needed and was just happy that I came back. Was there ever any doubt?

Grateful for: letting it be and being happy.

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