Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Field trip

Today, I took a three-hour field trip. It was actually more a site visit than a field trip. Technically, we did a survey, but not a survey of people. Rather, it was a survey of a building. You don't talk to the building, but you measure it up and down and make sure it conforms.

My contractor told me the site visit would be in Dupont. We both assumed that meant Dupont Circle. But when he sent me the details, we saw that it was Dupont Park, in SE, across the Anacostia River. He was concerned, "The area is not so safe." I was not concerned. Actually, I was thrilled. It's not a part of town I have much occasion to visit and this would be a great way to look around. Middle of the day, via car, how bad could it be?

I used a Flexcar near the office and drove for only 15 minutes to find the building--and a different world. Who has been to the other side of the Anacostia? It is hilly and pretty and desolate. I saw a lot of new construction and a lot of abandoned, gutted buildings. I didn't see much free-standing single family housing; small apartment blocks and townhouses were prevalent where I visited. I did not feel unsafe or fearful--how silly would that be?

I took a wrong turn on the way back to work and found myself on Pennsylvania Ave SE. I decided it was a sign to visit an Italian Deli on that part of the street that I've wanted to go to for years. The place is closed on the weekends and too far for a normal lunch hour, and it's only open from 7:30am to 3:00pm, so it's remained merely a desire. Today was the day to fulfill that desire. I had the Italian Cold Cut on a soft roll with lettuce, tomato, oil and vinegar (no mayo or peppers). It wasn't the best sub ever--I think I had that in Philly--but for $4.85, I can't complain. I'd like to go back another time and try one of the other subs, maybe on a hard roll this time, but it would be blind because I'm too shy to ask what's on the "G" Man or Super Sub. If you have a chance, check it out: MangialardosTM on Capitol Hill, 1317 Pennsylvania Ave, SE. "Serving the public for over 50 years."

Grateful for: a tasty sub.

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