Friday, November 03, 2006

Email good

Remember how lots of you told me to get Owen's email address? I knew it made sense, but I never did anything about it. I wasn't sure that I preferred email communication over other methods. Actually, I have a preference for the phone, then email, then text message. Owen's first preference seems to be text, but it's too temperamental and very limited in the amount of information that can actually be communicated.

So, on Wednesday, Owen sent me a text asking for my email address. I sent it to him. A while later, he forwarded me an invitation to a party (a party to which he'd already invited me). He'd already given me most of the party details, so I'm not exactly sure why he sent it, but I liked the thought. Perhaps he wanted to make it 100% clear that I was invited. I wrote him back about a couple of unrelated things and he did not reply--but that did not bother me.

On Thursday, he sent me another email--a forward of a funny mp3 with no additional message. I responded with "ha ha ha" and that was it. No big deal, but nice to know he was thinking about me.

Friday rolls around and, while I know we have some plans on Saturday, I have no sense at all about how the weekend will shape up. I don't like to get into this easy pattern of assuming I'll spend the whole weekend with Owen. What if he has other plans and I'm not included? (Did you just hear yourself? Craaaazy.) More importantly: what if I stop making plans with my friends based on that idea and I never see them again? Bad, very bad!

Then, around 11am, I get an email from Owen: what are you doing tonight? Was I pleased! I do have plans for a happy hour tonight and I invited him. We correspond back and forth a few times in order to pin down the details for this evening and it was completely painless. This email thing is working out well. Who knew?

Everyone except me, apparently.

Grateful for: email.

Drop me a line.

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