Friday, October 13, 2006

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On my last visit to New Jersey, my sister-in-law, Ilena, gave me a copy of a book she edited, "I Married My Mother-in-Law." It's a collection of essays by some great writers--most of whom she has worked with as an editor. The book is good. I wonder, how did Ilena get this group of diverse, excellent writers to deliver amazing, well-crafted non-fiction essays on the touchy subject of in-laws? She shares some of her experiences in the introduction, but it can't be the whole story. Whatever she did, it worked.

When we talked last, Ilena was wondering how to get the book out there, to book clubs and new readers. I mentioned that I'm approached occasionally to review books on the blog. That's when she realized she hadn't given me a copy. B1 (my brother, her husband) said, "Jamy can buy a copy!"

Ilena said, "No! She's not buying a copy." She turned to me, "I'm giving you a book as soon as we get home."

I was concerned that the book wouldn't appeal to my readers. But a good book is always appealing. I happen to know, dear readers, that you enjoy reading non-fiction--and this is some of the best non-fiction I've ever read. It covers some of the most intimate and tricky relationships that exist—those we have with our in-laws--with great depth and variety. There are so many different kinds of relationships with in-law represented; I had no idea so many variations existed. The book is an engaging read. Surprisingly (or not?) many stories deal with death. In addition, they all deal with negotiating complicated and unexpected relationships. The stories are fun, interesting and provocative--it's a great read.

Click here to get a copy. (Out in paper, January 2007.)

And, listen to Ilena on the radio! She didn't even tell me about this. I'm so out of the loop. I found it amusing that when asked about her relationship with her in-laws she says it's a boring story because they are delightful people and respect boundaries. That's good to know! At least that's one thing my future potential husband doesn't have to worry about.

Grateful for: my in-laws.

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