Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What do you think?

What do you do when you get a song stuck in your head? Do you play it over and over? What if the lyrics are in a language you don't quite understand? I play it over and over anyway.

Maybe it's bad/dangerous, but I've taken to listening to my music/radio shows on the bike ride to work. I know the route well, where the dangers lurk, I keep the volume low so I can hear the road sounds…I really missed the listening time that I used to have on my walk to work.

Yesterday, Sandra Dee asked about Garret, the rowing guy, in the comments. He sent me email on Tuesday in response to my message to him on Friday. I'd asked him, very casually, if he wanted to get together again after practice. He says yes in the email, but he's not at practice/ out of town this week. He suggested getting together next week. Lame! I responded, "let's check back next week." Me=equally lame.

Next, I have an unconfirmed plan with an internet guy this Sunday. We talked on the phone Saturday afternoon and it was a good conversation. I don't have much hopes for him as a prospect, but I'm sure it would be fine (not painful) to meet him. I want to cancel but I'm having a hard time finding the right words. A white lie may be in order.

Finally, my dad is making a last minute trip to NY this weekend and he wants me to come up. I'd see Dad and B1 and family, which I always enjoy. But the timing is terrible. I have many Saturday commitments and I couldn't leave until the evening. I would need to come home on Sunday night or maybe Monday morning. It wouldn't be much of a visit and it would get me all off schedule. I'm considering it anyway.

Oh, wait, did I leave something out? Yeah, sorry.

I have a date with Owen on Friday.

Did I mention that I'm in a really good mood?

Grateful for: music.

Drop me a line.

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