Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mexico City (day two)

At dinner Friday night, I was a disaster. We ate at a “typical” place with Mariachis playing in the background. The loud music, low lights and Spanish conversation conspired to almost completely silence me. I enjoyed the food and the company (Diego and his friend, Ana), but I could hardly form sentence. Keeping my eyes open was about the best I could do. The culprit is the altitude.

Funny moment: I went to find the ladies room. I got to the right spot and saw one door with a ceramic moon on it and the other with a sun. I stood between the doors looking at each in turn, thinking, “I know one is female, but which one?” I couldn’t get my mind around it. Then a man came out of the “sun” door and a women came from the “moon” door and my problem was solved.

When we got back, I fell asleep and stayed that way for seven hours straight, which is rather unusual for me. I typically wake once in the night.

I felt wide awake and coherent this morning, which is a good thing since we had a full day of tourist activities planned. I was ready for whatever Diego had in mind.

We started the day with a large Mexican-style breakfast: sweet roll, fruit, egg-based main course, juice and more bread. It has to be a lot because you don’t eat again until 2pm or later (we didn’t eat until 3:30!). We strolled around an arts and crafts market and Diego got presents for friends back home and I browsed.

Next stop: Diego Rivera’s house. It was the best kind of art museum, though there wasn’t much art. It was simply a house used mostly as a studio, preserved in its “original” state. There were actually two houses, connected at the roof level by a walkway. The second house was Frida Kahlo’s--unfortunately closed for renovation, but we did get to see the tiny kitchen. Diego said, “Diego Rivera was so big; how could they cook him enough food in such a tiny kitchen?” I said, “Maybe he ate out a lot.” Ha ha.

The next stop was Frida Kahlo’s house (in a different location). It was a much larger house with a lot more art. She and Rivera lived there for over 20 years. It was quite lovely.

And lunch. We had “street food” in an open air market with counter seating. Tasty. The food here is excellent. Best Mexican food ever!

After lunch, it was time to come home for a nap. Diego is sleeping and I’m not. I feel much, much better than yesterday. I’m actually awake and energetic.

Tonight, we’re going for another nice meal, drinks and maybe to a club. Not sure if I’ll actually make it that long, but you never know.

More pics are up, if you care to take a look.

Grateful for: Mexican food.

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