Friday, September 22, 2006

Mexico City (day one)

I made the decision to visit Diego in Mexico City on the spur of the moment. He said, “You won’t come.” And I thought, “Why not?” I bought my ticket and here I am. Diego is probably my closest confident in the office. I talk to TR a lot but he’s like my big brother and there are just some things you won’t ever tell your brother. I feel close to both of them, but in different ways. Diego listens patiently to every detail of every story about every boy I’ve ever dated and I’m grateful to him for that. He also advises me on how to act and I even take his advice occasionally (though I think with less than spectacular results). He was one of the biggest cheerleaders for my abortive fling with David--and also one of the most angry when David turned out to be an ass.

While he’s been gone the last few weeks, I’ve kept him informed of my goings on via email. Not quite the same as walking down to his office for a chat or spending twice as much time in the gym as we should because I’m telling some impossibly long and detailed story, but it’s sufficed to keep us up-to-date with each other.

As my visit approached, Diego started making all kinds of plans for me. I decided not to resist. Hey, if he wants to play tour guide, who am I to complain? When I arrived last night, he met me at the airport and we took a cab back to his hotel/apartment. A nice, small, efficient place. I put my things down and we went to eat at 10:30pm. I was hungry but slightly dazed. It was great to see Diego. Over dinner, he asked about Owen and I got to spend the whole evening and some of this morning talking about him. I know it’s silly, but I do enjoy this type of conversation and I haven’t had such a long talk with anyone about Owen--not even Pele--because of conflicting schedules.

After a delicious and huge breakfast, Diego took me to his office (he’s here an exchange/fellowship type program) and introduced me to some of the folks he works with. My Spanish is adequate for saying hello and understanding most of what people say, but I didn’t get much beyond that. Then we went for more coffee and Diego pointed me in the direction of the National Archeological Museum and went back to work.

That was my assignment: visit the museum. I won’t go so far as to say I failed, but it wasn’t exactly my best work. It took about an hour to find the museum because I walked far a field. When I did find it, I didn’t last very long. Around 2pm I was hit with such a wave of exhaustion that I almost fell asleep on a bench outside one of the exhibits. If I weren’t too embarrassed, I would have taken a nap right then. Instead, I soldiered on through a few more rooms and decided to call it quits at 3pm.

Getting “home” was rather more successful (and rather closer than I’d imagined). I’ve been hanging out in the pleasant apartment, making good use of Diego’s laptop and not napping.

Hmm…since Diego is planning to keep me up late tonight (dinner at 9:30!) maybe I ought to work on that nap!

I’ve taken a few pics and you may see them here. I’ll be adding to the set all week.

Grateful for: Diego.

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