Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Last days in Mexico

The last days in Mexico City were good. More pictures here! Perhaps I took too many pictures?

Some observations:

Everyone drives. You hardly see anyone walking--except downtown on Sunday. Parking is a free-for-all. Cars park around corners and sometimes you can't squeeze between them to cross the street. Crossing the street can be hair-raising.

Diego found a synagogue and we tried to go to services on Rosh Hashanah but were turned away. Of course they were sold out, which is normal on the High Holidays. Also, we didn't have any ID, which the security guys wanted to see. Yes, security! But it's not unheard of in the states either.

You get bread or tortillas (or both) with EVERY meal. For example, for my breakfast on the last day I had two eggs on a tortilla, beans, potatoes (pseudo hash browns) and a basket of four small rolls.

Everyone smokes. In restaurants, there are smoking and non-smoking sections. The less popular section is non-smoking. Just like the old days.

When eating out, plates are cleared quickly but you must ask for the check. Before paying, you can stay indefinitely.

My understanding of Spanish depends almost entirely on context.

Making out in public is completely socially acceptable.

Diego is the best host ever.

Grateful for: a good trip.

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