Thursday, September 21, 2006


Remember Garret of the internet and rowing? Yesterday, I had occasion to walk from the metro to practice (instead of biking). I was walking along, when who pulls up to the sidewalk, but Garret. I took my headphones off and jumped into his car and he took me the last couple of blocks to practice. Our chatting was unremarkable.

After practice, he asked me if I would like a ride home and I said yes. Without a bike, it's a real pain to get to home from the boathouse and no one else was going in my direction. I happily accepted a ride.

Again, our chatting was adequate but not exciting. He asked, "So, have any luck on the [nameless site]?"

I said, "Oh no. I'm done with that!" Whoops, did I just insult him? "I turned off my profile a couple of weeks ago." And I did, but NOT because of Owen. I actually turned it off the day before I met him.

Garret laughed. I didn't ask him if he'd been on any dates. Instead I said, "Actually, I'm sort of seeing someone…who I met through more conventional means…"

"Oh, really? That's great." Perhaps he was relieved?

"Yeah, it's good. It's not real serious or anything, but, um, yeah."

I am relieved because I don't want to go out with Garret again and I don't want to have to say no if he ever bothered to ask me.

When I talked to Owen last night, I told him the story about meeting Garret at rowing after first making contact with him via the internet. Why? He was supposed to find it amusing. Then, I mentioned that he gave me a ride home today. I left out the part where I told Garret I was "seeing somebody." Owen said, "Are going out with him again?"

"No," I said. "He's not going to ask me."

"How do you know? Do you want him to?"

"No! No. I made it clear that he shouldn't ask me again."


"If he did, I would say no. I don't want to go out with him."

Otherwise, our conversation was one of the most amusing we've had and left me feeling very positive about everything. I wasn't trying to make him jealous. Or maybe I was? Heh. I hope he gets that he's the only person I want to go out with, even if it is a little too soon for that.

Now I'm off to Mexico City! I'll be back in a few days, hopefully with some good stories to tell.

Hasta luego, amigos.

Grateful for: my trip!

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