Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Thank you

Yesterday's comment-fest confirmed something I've thought for a long time: I have the best readers in the world!!

Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comments. You impressed me with your insight, perspective and interesting stories. It really helped. David's words were not easy to hear, no matter how confident I am or how balanced my perspective is. Even though I didn't explode at him, it was a distressing conversation. If my emotions were more involved, I might have yelled and screamed and it would be a lot harder to laugh or let go. That's the upside.

The downside is that it hurt me at all, which I always knew was a risk. This particular way of hurting me, though, was completely unexpected. It was almost a worst case scenario come to life, and, in that light, it wasn't bad at all. He was in the wrong, on so many levels, and the comments made that very clear. Still, I didn't expect to hear from so many of you…and at such length! And all equally supportive! Wow. It's been a long time since I had so many comments, so, beyond it being a fascinating and well-crafted story ('natch), it must have struck a chord with many of you. Perhaps it reminded you of similar experiences? Or it was so out of line and outrageous that you had to say something? As resilient as I am, the consistency of your words was meaningful to me. I usually get at least one naysayer, telling me I'm wrong, but not this time. That alone is remarkable.

I try to give a balanced view of things, but it's still my view. It's my blog and I'm the star of the show. But I didn't put any words into David's mouth. I wrote what he said (it was slightly edited, but just to avoid certain topics, not to make him sound offensive) and what he said was absurd. Thank you for giving me confirmation of that. Your support and encouragement is very, very, very appreciated.

Moving along….

Two stories are floating around in my head that are apropos of the David situation. One is about a guy back in Seattle with whom I had a "fling" (we made out at my house after a party). Before he turned into a lunatic, David kind of reminded me of that guy (note: Amanda, you know him, but you may not know the story). The other story is about the guy I dated in Chapel Hill right before I moved to DC. He was seriously overweight and how I dealt with that (he was large enough that "dealing with it" was necessary) is a good contrast to the way David "dealt" with me. Any preferences?

Grateful for: kind readers.

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