Thursday, August 03, 2006

Something odd

I have an officemate who is very sweet, but sometimes annoys me because she is often on the phone talking to friends and family. I'm privy to rather more information about her personal life than I'd care to have.

But, I'm not privy to what seems to be going on right now. Which is: she is packing up to leave.

She has moving boxes. Her desk is almost empty. The cupboards are bare.

And has she said anything to me? No. Has my boss said anything to me? No.

Where is she going? Is she transferring to a different office? Did she quit?

What the heck?

I'm not saying I won't be happy to have the office to myself again, I will. But I've grown accustomed to her, and except for the excessive phone time, she's easy to be around. We have the occasional pleasant, trivial chat. We smile at each other. We're very polite. Another human in my space is not such a bad thing.

I'm pretty sure I would have mentioned it to her if I were moving out. I tell her when I'm going on vacation, after all.

It's just so damn odd.

Grateful for: my own office?

Drop me a line.

***UPDATE: My officemate just walked out the door and moments later I, and everyone else in the office, received this note of explanation:
I just wanted to let everyone know that I have accepted a position in [another office] and that I enjoyed my time here. It was definitely a learning experience. I am moving on to yet another experience at [our agency]. I am sure that I will see you around.
Well, I'm glad she still has a job. This office was never a good fit for her. But still—not a word? Not a spoken goodbye? Odd. Yes, I will send a message thanking her for being a good officemate and wishing her the best, but I'm still a bit weirded out about this.

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