Monday, August 21, 2006

More Montreal

I have a few more photos and observations about Montreal I would like to share. I'll have a few more posts up today with the rest of the pics.

Also, check out my friend Jen's take on Montreal. She drove up for the conference and only stayed two days, but we did get to have breakfast and lunch on Saturday.
Descend. A great little short from inside the convention center (pictured below) where the conference was held.
Fiddle. This is from our walk around Old Montreal.
Drive. Finally, her view from the road.

As promised, here are some views of the "Palais de congres." What an ugly, ill-conceived building. Still, it was handy to have all of the conference sessions in one building. Usually, it's spread out in two or three hotels.

The less colorful exterior: Palais des congres
The more colorful exterior: Palais des congres
Palais des congres
The pretty emergency exit doors: Sortie
Looking out the colored windows: Palais des congres, interior
Palais des congres, interior

Grateful for: memories.

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